miércoles, 26 de abril de 2006

Afoto de Berbes

Es rara, pero queda bien.

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Jago dijo...

Where's the art illiteracy? This is lovely. And you can get your horizons straight. I can't. I should pay more attention to the maths.

Pedro Terán dijo...

Thank you!

Spoiling a picture for not getting the horizon straight is very frustrating. It really took me some time to do it right.

By `art illiteracy' I meant that I have never paid much attention to art, mainly because I have a tiny visual memory. Museum or site visits are not so fun if you cannot remember anything two days after.

If I had taken a picture of those flowers, I would certainly have missed all the nice whirls. If I had even a small art-watching background, I wouldn't need to discover those things by myself.