miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Qué le voy a hacer, soy un falócrata opresor

Ay, llevo año y medio con problemas de salud como he comentado alguna vez. Espero estar recuperado el 22 de abril (crucemos los dedos).

He dejado el siguiente comentario en un blog, que por otro lado me gusta mucho (el blog es en inglés pero español).


I think there's a big problem with how you think about men and women.

For instance, you claim 'El País explains that since the Spanish Government started counting the victims of couple-related violence, back in 2001, the list extends to more than 800 already' while I have bothered to check and El País refers to women only (http://elpais.com/especiales/2015/violencia-de-genero/). I guess men are not victims of couple-related violence, or maybe they are not human.

To put that figure in context, let's recall that in 2001-13 there have been 37066 suicides in Spain, what means that there have been some 50 suicides per each victim of couple-related violence. Yes, people are commiting suicide at an average rate of over 10 per day and up to 12 per day in some months (Jan, Mar, Jun, Jul).

The suicide figures were stable in 2001-06 but in 2007 they rose very sharply (from 2217 people in 2001 and 2017 people in 2006, to over 3200 people in 2007, and still rising at 3875 dead in 2013).

The men-women imbalance among victims of suicide over a six-month period is larger than the whole number of female victims of couple-related violence over the last 14 years.

Indeed, over 75% of those 37000 people have been men. I think the plausible reasons of the increase after 2007 need not be explained, but it is interesting to note that not only suicides are overwhelmingly male but also the gap has widened with the economic crisis. Strangely, I have seen exactly zero feminist or government effort to reverse that trend and reach a 50-50 'equality' status, when even a very modest progress in that direction would save more lives than completely eradicating couple-related murders.

I find it perplexing that you actually believe that those 29000 men who got to find life utterly unbearable and acted upon that sentiment were enslaving you and earned more because they 'had a penis', all while you were a public servant with a job for life (rated group A1 level 27 in a ladder whose top is group A1 level 30) at a first-tier university and most probably within the 5-10% top salaries in the country.

But hey, let's spend a river of millions of euros, to no or negative effect, on the problem of couple-related violence. And let's campaign against 'forms of enslavement' like 'Fifty shades of grey', too.